Arrest Records Of Crispus Attucks/Youthbuild (CCF - CPC)
Sexual Offenders in Crispus Attucks/Youthbuild (CCF - CPC)
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Detail information on Crispus Attucks/Youthbuild (CCF - CPC)

Address Of The Facility
200 South Duke St, York, PA 17401-5565
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200 South Duke St, York, PA 17401-5565

Arrest Records Of Crispus Attucks/Youthbuild (CCF - CPC)
Sexual Offenders in Crispus Attucks/Youthbuild (CCF - CPC)
Full Background Reports

Brief about Crispus Attucks/Youthbuild (CCF - CPC)

Crispus Attucks/Youthbuild (CCF - CPC) is a Rehab facility / Re-Entry Program / Halfway house in the state of Pennsylvania, it has 0 beds in the facility. If you need rehabilitation after prison time, you can apply for this facility. Reentry management program RRM is a process followed by federal agencies which help inmates to get back to normal life after they have served their time.
Reentry assistance minimizes the risk of recidivism. RRC or Residential Re-Entry centers are also known as halfway houses, to provide support to inmates who are about to be released. This facility provides a supervised, safe environment with ways of getting back to life. Crispus Attucks/Youthbuild (CCF - CPC) gives all inmates employment counseling, financial management assistance, and other programs. Purpose of this RRC is to help ex-offenders with activities during this new phase of getting back to normal life.

Facility Type and Security Level

This is a Adult facility, It has minimum level of security.

Education, Medication & Councelling

It has all the civic amenities required to help inmates get back to normal life. Inmates are provided with education. Time to time they are provided with medical care if they need any. Counseling is provided to every inmate per week to help them recover from various situations they are going through.

Programs offered by Crispus Attucks/Youthbuild (CCF - CPC)

  • Councelling to get back to normal life, and lead a good life ahead.
  • Assistance with employment
  • Assistance with housing
  • Abuse and Drugs treatment
  • Special care program for inmates providing with medical and mental healthcare.

Inmate placement into a RRC

Depending on the duration of the time served in prison an inmate can avail this RRC program for 12-19 months. The duration is completely determined by the inmates unit manager cosidering the below criterias.

  • Nature of offense
  • History of the offender and behaviour during time served.
  • Statement of the court
  • US sentencing comission.
  • Facility incharge can also recommend some inmates for the RRC program

Visitation Rules & Timing

Visitation is not allowed in this RRCs infact actual location of the RRCs are not revealed due to security reasons. You can only know about the RRM office responsible for handling of the inmate. However using our inmate locator you can know about the current location of the inmate.

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