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Detail information on ASPC Florence - East Unit

Address Of The Facility
1307 E Butte Ave, Florence, AZ 85132
Facility Type
Phone Carrier
Inmate Calling Solutions (ICSolutions)
Security Level
State - medium
No Of Beds
Mailing Address
PO Box 5000, Florence, AZ 85132

Photographic view of facility ASPC Florence - East Unit

Image of ASPC Florence - East Unit
Search Arrest Records Of ASPC Florence - East Unit     Sexual Offenders in ASPC Florence - East Unit     Get Background Report Of An Inmate

Brief about ASPC Florence - East Unit

ASPC Florence - East Unit is a correctional facility run by the state of Arizona, it has 0 beds in the facility. If you have been sentenced for a crime in County of Pinal, Arizona you might end up this facility.

Facility Type and Security Level

This is a Adult facility, It has Medium level of security. The facility also provides various kinds of work programs and, Education programs, Treatment programs for the betterment of the inmates.

Contacting an inmate in ASPC Florence - East Unit

You can generally send a Mail Or Greetings card to the facility address, In case of an emergency you can reach the facility through fax 520-868-5333.
An inmate of ASPC Florence - East Unit can also be reached through calling the facility at 520-868-4011. Provider of the phone is Inmate Calling Solutions (ICSolutions).

Visitation Rules

  • Visitors are searched before visitation
  • Contrabands shall be confiscated and disposed.
  • Each adult is allowed to bring 20$ in cash.
  • Each visitor shall be identified by his/her finger scan and identification card.
  • Visitors are required to screened through metal detectors before entering.
  • Prior calling to facility for admission is required. Warden will approve or disapprove your visit.
  • Visitor must be on inmates visitor list
  • An attorney(s), or agents of the attorney, including paralegal, investigators, psychologists, psychiatrists, mitigation specialist, and or social workers will be allowed to interview with an inmate for legal purposes and will not be required to have a court order.
  • Victim of the inmate will not be allowed for visitation
  • Visiting days and hours shall be scheduled by the Warden based upon the number of visitors, size of the visiting area, and the institutional security considerations.
  • Any kind of falsification on the visitation application will be denied for visitation.

Visitation Timings

Monday 12:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday 12:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday 12:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Thursday NO VISITS
Friday 12:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Saturday NO VISITS
Sunday 12:30 PM - 7:00 PM

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